The Wind Raider
 Book Series.


The Cataclysm killed millions and devastated the planet. 
Those who survived, envied the dead…
And fought for what remained.

While humanity approached the brink of extinction. 

A special few who survived made a difference. 
Enhanced with paranormal powers…
Those known as Ki warriors worked together.  

And chaos became order. But it did not last.

Those who caused the cataclysm had a purpose...
They were Aliens who wanted the planet for their own.
Free from any of the species that once occupied it.

Humanity must become extinct. 

There is only one chance for humanity.
One person to lead a species back from extinction.
Someone capable of changing the fate of the planet. a last stand.

An Outcast from those who survived. 

One who did not care about the rest of humanity.
His empathy for others perished with the woman he loved.
His only goal in life is -- Revenge

Tristan Moir became known as… The Wind Raider.  

When you control the wind…
You control the fate of Humanity



For years after the Cataclysm, many refugee camps sprung up across the Flat Line. 
    What became known as the Colbath settlement started when two thousand squatters ended several months of wandering across the Perimeter by pitching their tents in a spot on the Flat Line’s eastern border to the Out Reach. 

     Scouts from the squatter group had discovered a single healthy tree, a Colbath Cactus, growing in the middle of a barren, dry landscape. Drilling beneath the hard ground revealed a source of water running underneath the cactus. 
     Despite the realistic expectation of a short stay in their new location, the squatters’ ruling committee elected to call back the rest of their scouts and make the area their permanent home. After many years of wandering across the Flat Line, the squatters were desperate to have the children born after the Cataclysm live in a more permanent place, one that they could all someday look back at and call their “home.” 
     Unfortunately, a few weeks shy of a year after having declared the Colbath location their permanent home, the source of water slowly began running dry. The ruling committee immediately implemented a strict rationing program, while at the same time dispatching squatter scouts across the region in search of other viable water sources. 
     And so, such were the circumstances when one of several Colbath children playing just outside the settlement spotted a moving dust cloud racing from the Out Reach toward the Flat Line border. 

     As the sun made its descent to the horizon, a fleet of land-sailors pulled up on the outskirts of the Colbath refugee camp. A large group of squatters had already assembled to greet them, including a dozen members of the settlement’s ruling committee. 
     They watched as a lone figure emerged from one of the wind vehicles. He was wearing a long black duster over a red cinched waistcoat. But the figure’s attire barely registered, overwhelmed as it was by the shoulder-length white hair that blew across the visitor’s face.
     His name was Roane Caine, and he was the second of twins born to a mother who died just weeks after giving birth. Pregnant during the Cataclysm, Roane’s mother had unknowingly drunk water contaminated by one of the meteors that had fallen to the planet. 
     Roane did not bother to acknowledge the gathering of squatters, stepping quickly past them to get a closer look at the refugee camp itself.
     As he stood there, surveying the settlement, he raised his right hand and extended his index finger, curling it slowly, rhythmically, again and again, as if beckoning someone to join him. 
Suddenly, he froze… only to unfurl the remaining fingers in his hand… and instantly, the wind around him went still. 
     His long white hair settled over his face, making it impossible for anyone to decipher his thoughts as he turned toward the fleet of land-sailors lined up behind him. He undid the topmost button of his waistcoat – the agreed-on signal for everyone in Dagon’s security force to join him. 
     “Are you… really a Ki Warrior?”
     A squatter boy had emerged from the group of Colbath children, the smallest amongst a dozen little ones who had been brought to stand with the members of the ruling committee. No doubt, thought Roane, the children were there with the hope their presence would prevent the meeting from turning violent.
     “Do I not look like a Ki Warrior to you?” Roane asked the boy, his mouth still hidden behind his long hair. 
     “I don’t know what one is supposed to look like,” the squatter boy responded. 
     “Like me,” Roane quickly answered. “Just like me.” The Ki Warrior reached into his coat, withdrew a tin flask filled with water, and tossed it to the ground. 
     Roane twitched the fingers on his left hand and the wind began swirling around him. He waved his right hand, causing the wind to come together and then move with a focused force toward the flask, lifting it from the ground and into the air before landing softly at the feet of the squatter boy. 
     “You really are a Ki Warrior,” said the boy, completely awed by Roane’s display of control over the wind. But his admiration lasted so long, a young female squatter from the group of children quickly swooped in and snatched the tin flask of water before scurrying away. 
     The boy barely reacted to the theft, his attention still focused on Roane. 
     “You must make me your retainer! I promise to be faithful to you and the Order. Please, I swear I will be the best Ki Warrior who has ever walked this planet. All I need is for you to give me a chance…” 
Roane looked away in disgust. 
     “It is not for me to decide. Perhaps the girl who claimed the water I intended for you will be the one the Wind Spirits resurrect. However, if it was my decision, your eventual death in this world would be final.” 
Another squatter emerged from the group, this one an adult with a shaved head and bright blue painted stripes across his forehead, below his eyes, and down the length of his neck. Each morning a different squatter marked a member of the ruling committee with paint to remind them that their decisions impacted the entire settlement.
     “My name is Gar Herd and I have been chosen to speak on behalf of everyone here.” 
     The squatter representative was about to extend his hand when he realized Roane had not even acknowledged his presence. He knew it was better to simply keep speaking. 
     “What you see all around you are thousands of people living peaceful, decent lives. Some believe in the Wind Spirits, others do not. But years ago it was decided we would judge no one on their beliefs, only on their actions.” 
     As he spoke, Gar tried to keep a friendly expression on his face, but it disappeared as his words were greeted only with silence, then with Roane kicking the heel of his left boot into the dirt twice. It was a signal for his two wingmen, Edom and Kiron, standing near the fleet of land-sailors. 
     The Ki Warrior’s action greatly alarmed Gar, making him anxious to finish what he’d come to say. When he spoke again, there was a tone of panic in his voice. 
     “I’ve been authorized to offer you any aid you need on your trip across the Flat Line. All we ask in return is that you leave us in peace and harm no one." 
     Roane turned, looking directly at the Colbath squatter, but his face was still cloaked behind his hair, so the words he spoke seemed to come from behind a white curtain. 
     “I’m afraid your request will not be granted.” 
     Gar shifted nervously in the sand before asking, “You are a Ki Warrior, are you not?” 
     His question failed to elicit a response from Roane, forcing the squatter representative to answer himself. 
    “Yes, clearly you are a Ki Warrior. So then, how can it be that you would not guarantee the safety of those around you, even though it is part of your oath and the code of conduct you have sworn to die a second time to uphold?” 

    Before he possessed the Ki himself, Roane was witness to the faces of countless people indebted to the Ki Order for helping and protecting them over the years. As a boy, he had dreamed of one day possessing power over the wind, so he too could safeguard the innocent against wanton destruction and death. 
    But now that he possessed the power, he could not recall seeing any grateful faces amongst the many people he had encountered. All he could remember seeing in his presence was fear. 
    Even at this very moment, his response to the squatter representative reminded him of a lesson he’d only recently learned – the past quickly lost relevance depending on which way the wind was blowing. 
    “Sir, do you see the wretched souls being brought before me?” asked Roane.
    Gar Herd turned toward the line of land-sailors and saw Roane’s wingmen pushing and dragging three men wearing clothes so tattered they barely remained dressed. All looked as weak as the people in his settlement who had gone days without water. 
    “Yes, I see them.”
    “These men are also Ki Warriors. Months ago, they chose to ignore their oaths and obligations. And their choice led them on a twisted path to this humbling moment in the sand. When I was just a retainer, my suzerain said to me – ‘the past and the future can be distractions if the importance of the present is not seen with absolute clarity.’” 
    Roane raised his left hand, twitched his index finger, and for the first time the wind swept the white hair from across his face, revealing eyes without irises, corneas seemingly made of clear blue liquid. 
    “I want to bring absolute clarity to this moment so you will not be distracted by the past, allowing you the best chance to shape your future and the future of the people you care about.”
    The Ki Warrior’s unsettling appearance had caused the squatter representative to fall silent, but he reclaimed his voice, hoping he wasn’t already too late.
    “I should have told you this from the beginning,” said Gar. “The one you seek, the Ki Warrior you are searching for, he is no longer…”
    “Save your breath,” Roane interrupted. “Words of denial will not travel on any wind I control.” 
The Ki Warrior turned to look back at the refugee camp. “My suzerain is here. And when I find him, it will allow me to reconcile the past with my future. Unfortunately, you and all of your people are caught… in the present.” 
     The words made Gar’s legs wobble, then give out, as he collapsed onto his knees in the sand. 
     This was the last thing Roane wanted. He flicked his left wrist and curled the fingers on his right. The wind swirled around and underneath the squatter and raised him back to his feet. 
     “Your weakness saves no one. Listen to me…”
     Gar Herd tried focusing on what Roane had to say, but the Ki Warrior’s eyes only distracted him. Moments ago they had been clear, but now both were filled with images of devastation and destruction... of the dead faces of people the squatter had spoken to just hours ago. 
     “It is these three wretched men who will be on their knees where you now stand. Together, we will create something that will leave all of you desert gypsies with just two choices – accept your fate with your eyes open… or shut. While a third choice still exists, you must warn your people about what is to happen. Sir, you need to run like the wind is chasing you, because that is exactly what will be happening soon enough…” 

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