Monday, October 15, 2012

As we get closer to the end of the first official day of publication for “DRAWING BLOOD” (at least on the East Coast), I had to mention how unbelievable sales (on have been. I could not be more thrilled with the response the book has gotten from readers!

Specifically the paperback is ranked #14,408 as I write this post!

The digital version of the book on has actually been on sale for a week now, and it continues to be strong! As I write, its ranking is #140,291! And on the first day it was listed we placed #40,000 something for the first 24 hours!

For a book with no reviews, and no ratings... this is quite remarkable!

Hey, want to thank all of you readers who made a purchase! I know you’ll enjoy the book! And thank you for the support!!

And thanks to everyone at Lono Publishing... clearly they got the word out!

Not everything went right today... my publisher still has not been able to get the book up on Barnes & Noble  (so for all you Nook people out there... just hang in there... or go to Smashwords, where it is listed and can be bought for your Nook) or on Apple and Kobo. This is despite the fact that the book was submitted days and days ago!

Advice to writers out there… don’t believe for a second that readers have gotten sick of vampires!

And to think “DRAWING BLOOD – Book #1 of the RELICT Series” is just the beginning. The books that follow will blow readers away!!!