Monday, June 15, 2015

I will use the recent MAD MAX movie... 

And my take on the brilliant filmmaking (words originally written on another blog) as a seque to mention a positive review on "The Wind Raider" Book which mentioned The Mad Max Movies... 

I can remember the huge rumble when The Road Warrior (aka: Mad Max 2 Internationally ) opened here in the states way back then. At the time the indie import from Australia was a refreshing slap across the face for those who loved action movies. The Road Warrior ended up achieving deserved legendary status in the Great Action Films Hall of Fame. But I invoke the 1981 film only to give context to what I write now  -- 
Mad Max: Fury Road makes The Road Warrior look like a Sunday Walkabout-in-the-Outback with picnic baskets ! 

MM:FR is such an awesome creative achievement, not only because the director, George Miller (the same director on all the Mad Max Movies), was able to conceive and deliver (decades after the last sequel) a production that felt very much conjoined in spirit to the original films... he also executed an action film that showcases what modern action filmmaking is capable of achieving when the bottomline isn't about how good the cgi looks, but more about an expert director focusing on composition... movement... and editing. 

I could go on and on about other aspects about the film - how it was shot, produced, and written - but will ask for a raincheck, and in the future write about this film in an upcoming Professional Screenwriting book focused on writing action movies in the contemporary marketplace. 
For now, I will only mention the restrained use of 3D in the production of MM:FR. Miller chose to use the 3D process as a way of enlarging spatial clarity in the action scenes, and never resorted to doing cheesy 3D visual gimmicks. Only at the very end of the movie does Miller cut loose and show you what he could have done throughout, if he had creatively chosen to betray the DNA of the franchise. 

This is a great film! A movie people should see in the theatre. Before it's too late. Catch an Old SCHOOL filmmaker taking a NEW SCHOOL vehicle out for a long test drive. 

This reminded me quite a bit of "The Road Warrior"..........or at least those kind of stories. It is a fast paced story that I was able to read in 1 day. Very good at keeping me wanting more. Never a dull moment to be sure.