Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All my hard work leads to an e-book boxed set -- about the End of the World.

Could NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES all over the world be leading to a dark plot to usher in the End Days?

For the first time, the complete DEMON DAYS Saga has been gathered together in a BOXED SET!
This Collection of all Four DEMON DAYS Books total 275,000 words / And nearly 1,000 pages of content!
And this Boxed Set includes the completely revised and rewritten DEMON DAYS Book One. 

The DEMON DAYS Saga is a fast-paced thrill ride that will leave you breathless as you follow -- Two Women searching for answers to a mysterious, deadly plot to trigger the End Days

Sandy Travis is a journalist who believes her boyfriend has become possessed after suffering a Near-Death Experience. 

Jenna Grant is an archeologist who is hired by her brother to authenticate the Black Pages, an ancient document revealing a modern international conspiracy involving dark forces known as the Red Veila group manipulating world events to achieve their ultimate goal –  Safe Passage for Satan to dwell among us… leading to THE APOCALYPSE


If you want to begin reading a Book Series celebrated as ORIGINAL… AWE-INSPIRING… A CUTTING-EDGE TAKE… on THRILLER AND APOCAPLYPTIC FICTION… 

Or read these books if you want to know how it could...


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