Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What are some facts movie directors know that common people don't?

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I just answered my first question on the website earlier this month. The question felt like it was right up my alley! Here's the original question and my answer below -- 

Q: What are some facts movie directors know that common people don't?

A: A good or great director knows how to manipulate an audience watching a film. The director knows how to use every aspect of moviemaking – the script,the acting, the music, the photography, and other “mood” enhancers such as production design, lighting, costumes, makeup, and editing. All, and much more are used in the creation of a film. 

Every step of the way the final goal is to have a film that manipulates the viewer into feeling, thinking, and experiencing the screen story in a way that is purposeful and carefully designed. Every decision is meant to manipulate the audience to laugh; feel afraid; or cry, while the story plays on the big screen.

The medium of Film has proved to be a very powerful way of impacting a mass audience. Before movies there was live performances, books, and music. All had a significant impact on audiences when the work engaged their audience. The artist behind the work was able to connect with the audience by using their talent, skills, and techniques, to manipulate the reaction to their story.

Movies became the “Perfect Storm” of audience manipulation when the medium was able to achieve a symbiosis of all the arts that had come before –performance, the narrative storyline, music, and projected images. Collectively the new medium allowed a perfect simulation of the way people see the world, if not in their everyday world… then in their dreams, a subconscious vision of life played back during R.E.M induced dreams and nightmares.

Film directing is shooting a movie with a clear understanding of how the audience experiences the world, experiences movies, and how the two combine to construct a mental process that takes in the world around them, awake and asleep.

Everyone is different. Every generation sees things differently. 
A film director must figure out how to manipulate his audience when watching his movie so that his work will endure. 
Not just over the weekend, but years, or even decades from now.

Richard Finney
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