Saturday, July 23, 2016

Seeing the Future without 3-D Glasses

Years ago, just when 3-D films were taking off, there was an Industry Professional that wanted me to invest in the technology that retroactively converted Non-3-D shot films into movies that could be released theatrically as 3-D films. 
I ended up passing on the investment opportunity the Industry Professional offered. 
Now, in 2016, I can safely proclaim that my decision ended up being the right call.  
Let Jeffery Katzenberg  (in an article from Variety) explain why --

“It was a game-changing opportunity for the industry. When you gave them an exceptional film that artistically, creativity embraced and celebrated the uniqueness of that experience, people were happy to pay the premium,” he recalled with a note of sadness, citing “Avatar,” “Monsters vs. Aliens,” and “Life of Pi.” But other producers had “taken the low-road and gimmicked it. Instantly, we lost good will.”