Friday, August 12, 2016

How does the Indie Film Movement Strike Back?

This is the First of Many Future Posts about how Indie Theatrical Films can be revived in an Era where -- 

The Major Hollywood Studios have focused on Producing Big Budget Franchise Comic Book Movies 

And Audiences satisfy their entertainment needs by choosing from a slew of programming options during the 
Neo-Golden Age of TV

Cast a Legendary Actor in a Role Guaranteed not only to Showcase his Immense Talents...But is a Character the actor would never commit to if he were contractually obligated to play the same role for three to five years on a TV series.  

The Positive Reviews For the New Indie Film HELL OR HIGH WATER all mention the great performance by Jeff Bridges. The great notices help to make this indie release special. I'm opting to record the Olympics and catch the movie tonight in the Theatre. 


VARIETY Raves about how "HELL OR HIGH WATER" -- ...'The Best Movie of the Summer, But Is There an Audience for It?

I knew this would be one of the movies that will be discussed/used to illustrate how Indie Filmmakers can Strike Back in the theatrical marketplace. Check out Owen Gleiberman's piece because he understands some of the issues in play...