Sunday, September 25, 2016

His Final Words Broadcast from Dodger Stadium...

After 67 Years in Broadcasting... Vin Scully just called his last game at Dodger Stadium.

Yes it did! The above were some of the last words from Vin Scully calling his final game at Dodger stadium.

In the First Inning of today's game, Scully saw Justin Turner (the second batter to come up for the Dodgers) motioned upwards... and Scully realized something -- "Are they waving up here? Oh, that's terrific. Holy, Mackrel. I saw Justin and I thought, 'oh he's waving up to a fan and then I realized that Kendrick did the same thing.' Seconds later Vin said -- 
"No Score, First Inning. And this is not about me. This is a big day, the Dodgers with a chance to clinch to the Western Division."

When I think about the word 'Modesty,' I always see Vin Scully first in my mind. 
Everything about his career as a sports announcer has always been about modesty. 
As a "journalist" - which Scully always considered the foundation guiding the way he approached his coverage of Baseball - the game was first... he was a distant second. His words were simily the connection that enabled the fans to enjoy the sport they loved. 
I have been a die-hard Dodger fan for four decades, and over the years probably heard more words spoken over the radio/TV by Vin Scully than I ever heard from my own father and mother combined. 
So, yeah, he feels like family. 
I'll miss him. Just like everyone else who has made the love of baseball a major part of their life. 

One Final Note on Vin Scully in the Addendum page.