Monday, October 17, 2016

The Theatrical Movie Business is Courting Disaster. Where is the Intervention?

Here is the Variety Production Chart for the Week of October 1st. 

Clearly the Major Studios are counting on Big Budget SF / Horror-Paranormal / Comic Book Movies for another year to bring in audiences to theatres.
I love Genre Movies as much as the next movie fan, but...
This is the Theatrical Movie Business... 
In the rest of the world, any Other Business that relies on just one Type of Product to Bring in Sales courts disaster. Any business plan that invites the probability that their consumer base will become less and less diverse usually ends up with a smaller and smaller pool of people interested in their product.  

Do we need to see the "Domestic" Theatre Business hit rock bottom before the Voices Calling for an Intervention Grow... and become Louder?