Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Bi-Polar Post

New Yorker unveils Trump inauguration cover early. 

2016 might have been the Best Year Ever for 
Here are some great covers from the last 12 months - 

High Times magazine is leaving New York for...
Los Angeles.  

"'The center of the cannabis universe has moved to California,' said Matt Stang, chief officer at High Times. 'New York used to be a liberal bastion.'" 

Yeah, but I bet the actual move from East to West coast will take longer than planned -You totally need to chill out, man. We’ll move your desks when it feels right. 

Besides Hitting the Plastic Reset Button No One in the News Media appears to be Doing Anything Different

2017 was supposed to be different in the way the Media covered the Political arena.
However, two weeks into the new year and it doesn’t look like anything has changed. 
There are so many things wrong in Journalism and the way they cover the world, that I don’t know 
where to begin. Let me start by mentioning two areas that should change, one at the Micro level and the other at the Macro Level. 

MICRO: At press conferences, if you are a reporter who continues to ask two questions when called upon, then you’ve learned nothing from the past. Can you give me one instance when the person behind the microphone answered both questions? 
And when has the person at the podium ever tackled the tougher question of the two? 
Asking two questions also opens up more opportunities for the person to find a place where they can verbally duck both questions. 
If your goal as a reporter is to have the answer to your question go viral, I strongly suggest the best strategy would be to ask one really good question. If your question doesn’t get answered, the verbal failure will end up being much more revealing. 

MACRO: There is a way to maintain journalistic ethics and still respond relevantly to the way things have radically changed in the world. The whole Trump/Russian Intel Dossier situation is a prime example of how out of touch the media is with the changing times. 
I believe that Buzz FeeD did the right thing in publishing the Trump/Russian Intel Dossier. And why I feel this way is the beginning of why I believe the rest of the media needs to update their standard of ethics regarding such situations as the Trump/Russian Intel Dossier. The rest of my answer is on the longish side so if you’re interested in reading more you’ll find it on my Addendum Page.    

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