Sunday, February 26, 2017

On and Off the Screen - Bill Paxton Projected an Energy that was Palpable, Positive, and Infectious.

Such heartbreaking news about the death of Bill Paxton. 
He was a very talented and accomplished artist. 
He was also something special in Hollywood - a really nice guy. 
No surprise his transition to acting stardom was different than most – Bill started out working in film production as part of the crew (in the art department), and eventually made his way to performing in front of the camera. 
When I first met him, I wasn’t yet working as a professional in the entertainment industry. I was covering the production of a movie for Fangoria* magazine. Bill was acting in a little horror film, Braindead, to support the effort of the fledging director, Adam Simon. During my time with him, Bill could not have been more giving and enthusiastic about helping me. Indeed, what I experienced then, ended up being true for his entire career -- on and off the screen, Bill projected an energy that was  palpable, positive, and infectious. I believe it was one of the reasons everyone in the industry always wanted to work with him. Even if he had not been an extremely talented and creative artist, you’d want him on your set because he would make everyone else feel great. 

I’ve been in and around this business almost my entire life. In all those years, the only time I shamelessly behaved like a total fanboy was with Bill. At one point I couldn’t resist and asked him to recite one of my favorite lines in one of my favorite films of all time, Aliens
Without missing a beat he did it for me. 
It was so cool. I was beside myself hearing him say the words. 
The thing I need to point out was how Bill seemed to be equally as high knowing he had made my day. 
“Game Over.” 
I can’t believe the news. A truly wonderful guy… is gone.   

* I'm aware the news of Fangoria and it's future. I wanted to post my reaction last week, but working a project 24/7 has prevented me from sharing my thoughts.

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