Friday, March 17, 2017

My Bi-Polar Post for 03-2017

There’s now a long list of theatrical filmmakers who have crossed over to television to produce projects that could not be made… or were better served as TV shows. Add Joel and Ethan Coen to the list. The brothers are locked into to bringing one of their pet projects, a Western -“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” to TV as a series. Variety described the project as an innovative approach that could combine television and theatrical distribution. This makes sense since Marvel has seen success doing the exact same thing – having a franchise's universe co-exist both on TV and in the Theatres. The brothers wrote the script from an original idea and will direct the project. I’m excited to see their take and how much money they get to play with in realizing their vision. There hasn’t been a creatively great western series since Deadwood, and it would be coming in the wake of the SF-HBO hit Westworld, which had fun with the genre on its way to exploring the darker nature of Humanity and the March toward Manifest Destiny.


The Net Neutrality rules bar Internet service providers from offering speedier or more robust transmissions to programmers they like vs competitors. For example, they would outlaw AT&T from providing wireless customers with a better viewing experience for DirecTV (which it owns), rather than rivals such as Sling TV or Hulu. 
Tom Wheeler, an unexpected hero to consumer and open Internet advocates, was appointed by President Obama to head the FCC in 2013. He left his post this last January 20th. During his term, he angered the largest companies that the FCC regulates including Comcast and Verizon. There are people who grow/evolve when faced with the circumstances of their times and apparently, Wheeler ended up being such an individual. Unfortunately, Agency watchers believe that the Trump administration will try to overturn the Net
Neutrality rules that have been in place since the birth of the Internet. Looks like we’ll need another David to step up who is willing to take on not just one, but a Gang of Goliaths (all with single green eyes below their forehead) looking forward to using their huge footprints to change the Internet landscape. 

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