Sunday, October 25, 2020

TRAILER for "THE WIND RAIDER" web series.

In a dystopian world, Humanity is at the brink of Extermination. The only hope for the future is Josh Bonner, given the gifts of life after death and the new power to control the wind that dominates the land. But getting his mysterious mentor, Tristan, to train him will prove to be a challenge. Tristan’s sole purpose is to reconcile his haunted past with an act of revenge.

THE WIND RAIDER  is a fast moving, action adventure motion comic web series based on the graphic novel created by Richard Finney (originator of “ALIEN ZOO - the VR Experience,” produced by Steven Spielberg); and illustrated by Gabriel Hardman, acclaimed comic book (“Planet of the Apes”) and storyboard artist for some of Hollywood’s top super hero franchise films (“The X-Men,” “Spiderman”).


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