Thursday, May 16, 2013

Excerpt from the soon to be Published Book: BLACK MARIAH - A Calling

From out of the blue he was approached by two strangers who were obviously hiding something. But so was he...

An Excerpt from BLACK MARIAH - A Calling

Rick emerged from the woods. 
     He tossed the two rifles he had confiscated from the father and son hunters into the back of his truck. When the guns landed on the steel floor of the cargo area, he heard the sound of glass shattering and hoped the three hundred dollar scope on one of the rifles was broken.
     As he stepped into the cab of his truck, Rick noticed the sun was now peeking through the early morning clouds and shining in his eyes. He lowered the flap above his head, then tried to start up the engine. After a few turns of the key, he realized something was wrong. Not only was he failing to get a response from the motor, the dashboard was completely dark.
     Rick slammed his hand on the steering wheel in anger.
     He looked at his watch. When he saw the time, Rick resisted slamming on the steering wheel again. The fundraising breakfast would be starting in forty-five minutes.
     Rick pulled his mobile phone from his shirt pocket to call Judy Neumeir, a local animal rights activist who was behind the charity event. He braced himself, knowing she would freak out when he told her there was a good chance he would be late. The fundraiser had been planned for weeks and Rick was the featured speaker.
     That’s when he discovered the screen on his mobile phone was completely dark. He removed the battery from the back of the phone for a few seconds, then inserted it back in and tried to power it up.
Still nothing.
     There was no way the battery could be dead he thought to himself. He was positive he’d charged it overnight. He’d used the same phone to leave a voice message at the station before going out to chase after the hunters he’d caught on the preserve’s hidden security cameras.
     A tapping noise on the driver’s side window of the truck startled Rick. He turned to see a woman standing beside his truck.
     “Are you all right?”
     Forgetting his predicament, Rick tried to lower the driver’s side window, but realized his mistake and grabbed the handle of the door.
    As he stepped out of the truck, Rick was immediately struck by how attractive the woman was who had been tapping on his window. She had light brown hair and pale blue eyes. Though she was wearing blue jeans and a vest jacket over a tee shirt, he had no trouble noticing she was in good shape –- thin, but with toned muscles.