Monday, October 26, 2015

Are the Best Storytellers often those who Master More than one Artistic Field?

Isn't it obvious that some of the best storytellers are often Professional Screenwriters who have a background in another creative field. 
I also believe that pursuing another artistic endeavor, separate from writing, has the potential of enhancing a writer’s skills in profound ways.  

When I first met JAKOB DE BOER he had written a screenplay that I very much admired (but alas, was never produced). Like many smart artists who challenge their talent and skill set, Jakob continued his work as a filmmaker but also pursued another artistic endeavor — as a professional photographer. 

It was this work that took him on a journey to some of the most beautiful and exotic places on the planet. It was an adventure that he obviously used to enhance his talent and skills as a storyteller. 

Jakob de Boer was celebrated Saturday night in Italy, at a 

special gallery presentation that showcased his exceptional photography work. In an Interview with Leica Camera Blog, Jacob described his thoughts about the creative process -- 

"My photography, or at least my process, is rather deeply imbued with my film background. I’m always trying to 
find the ‘story’ 
within each image. I think about how this moment came about. Where it came from. Where it’s going after I click the button. What events conspired to bring this moment together in front of me. I’m looking to photograph that conspiracy."  

Those who seek to create as a profession need to tap into the words above.  
Professional screenwriters should take in the creative results of actively pursuing a separate artistic endeavor that can elevate your work as a storyteller.  

I can hardly wait to read the next story Jakob de Boer wants to share. I bet it’s amazing…