Thursday, November 26, 2015

What I'm Thankful for this Year... 2015

My Two Favorite Magazines continue to publish great articles in a digital age. And the New Yorker's digital presence is awesome! I think they have it right -- continue the great journalism with the mothership, but develop an editorially separate digital online presence. I've enjoyed both throughout the year! 

There are Showrunners taking chances and even pushing the envelope as the Neo Golden Age of TV begins to shift to survival of the Fittest. Here are just two examples of why I'm thankful that we can still count on TV to be the shining light of creativity.

Amazing that the Second Year of Fargo didn't just try to replicate the first season, but went even more ambitious. Same tone, vibe of the original movie and first season, but completely different entry in the crime drama genre. If anyone wanted a definition of not resting on your laurels, then watch Fargo Season One and Season Two. 

The Leftovers is tackling in their second season much of the same issues they dealt with in their first season -- loss, religion, individual vs. family, society vs. cult, humanity vs. chaos. I'm surprised only that they doubled down rather than creatively mainstreaming the pursuit of these issues in a way that might have allowed them to recruit more people into the tent. But their effort this season has been fresh, mysterious, and more profound. I just make sure I've put away all the razor blades in the house before I watch an episode.

I'm excited that the next entry in Relict - The Vampire Book Series will soon be published. 

And every year I'm always thankful that I have been able to make a living as a professional screenwriter / filmmaker and writer because working creatively is always what I've wanted to do. 
But I never realized then what I know now --

Even when your Dreams Come True... 
There's still a lot of hard work.

On a personal note
Our two girls are doing well.
Also, we now have four dogs...
And hope this count holds for a long time. 

We’re thankful for every day we have with Maui because there's no way we're ready to say good-bye.