Tuesday, July 5, 2016



Hollywood has made it difficult in the past for artists to break into the bubble. The invent and accessibility of good affordable cameras, gear and online classes has paved the way for a new wave of mavericks. 

Truth be told, these mavericks do not need Hollywood. Hollywood needs them -- but they're going to have to take a chance. Since it all starts w the script Hollywood needs to find fresh global voices -- voices that are outside the bubble. Voices that can bring fresh stories instead of revamped remakes and blockbuster formulas that don't always work. 

- Deb Havener is a Producer/Writer at Pretty Eggs Productions

Theatres in LA aren't posting what films are even playing on their signs or show times--giving up on casual movie goers as an audience. Stand alone art house theatres are virtually gone. 

- Jay Woelfel is Mangaging Member at Season of Darkness, LLC

Make new, original movies. Make movies for the world, not America. Make movies that have substance, like anime. Make movies that expose truth. Make movies that show how to create a new system. 

- Sean Browne is a Filmmaker at Atoms Movie, LLC 

I agree most of the interesting storytelling - and storytellers - have moved into TV. 
I'm not sure how to resurrect the "theatrical, David Lean" type production. (It's just so expensive to do a wide release now that the project has to be bland and bullet-proof.) 

- Michael Rogan is a Screenwriting Instructor, Screenplay Reader, and Author