Thursday, July 7, 2016

The answer to a Quora question about Pitching your idea to a big Filmmaker...

I'm asked this question a lot -- How do you get to a director to pitch your "idea" for a movie. 

I'm happy to share Ken Miyamoto's response on Quora that answers the general question of pitching a big time Filmmaker.

Question: I have an idea for a movie to be made by Christopher Nolan, like Inception. How can I contact Nolan or other directors of his caliber?

Ken Miyamoto, Produced screenwriter, former Sony Pictures script reader/story analyst, 

"How can I contact Nolan or other directors of his caliber?"

ANSWER: You can't.  You're not an established screenwriter and beyond that, Christopher Nolan and other directors of his caliber have a belly of projects and concepts on their own to choose from.  Their slates are full for the next decade plus.  

Movie ideas aren't enough anyway.  EVERYONE has a great idea.  It doesn't matter because it's the implementation that counts.  You can't even lay claim or copyright an idea or concept.  Why?  Well, because it's likely that a dozen others have had that same idea in what shape or form or will so in the future.  

It's the implementation (script or film) that matters.  

Beyond that, yes, you need to be established.  WELL established to even have the chance of getting your script connected with a studio caliber director.  I've been in the business for nearing 20 years with some varied success and it's proven to be VERY difficult to pitch my spec scripts to powers that be.