Friday, July 8, 2016

The Difference between Watching and Creating...

UPDATE: Today I read (on Medium) a really great piece on the subject of writing -- 7 differences between professional and amateurs written by Jeff Goins. His list has insightful info regarding the topic of creativity I was attempting to explore with this post.

I also have the link to the piece written by Goins listed on my blog sidebar - RECENT POSTS THAT I READ YOU MIGHT FIND INTERESTING

I'm really looking forward to watching the new series "The Night Of..." premiering on HBO this Sunday. 
I'm also using the premiere of the series as an opportunity to write about — the difference between the way a fan of good TV/Film thinks, and the way a professional Screenwriter / Filmmaker thinks when watching the same Show/Movie.  

The Evolution from being a Fan of Entertainment to becoming a Professional is a tricky and complicated process. It’s a journey filled with numerous obstacles, so many, that most people who really love movies and TV, end up never becoming a professional who creates entertainment. There are logical reasons behind this fact, some are obvious, but the critical ones are more complicated. One of the complicated ones is how a person ends up viewing entertainment -- the mindset of one who enjoys is profoundly different than the one who creates.  

One of the projects I'm working on is a Film Noir thriller. And in reading the review of "The Night Of" recently posted in Variety, I naturally began marking it up with notes. Making notes in the margins is often what I do out of habit, usually a warm up before I work on creating later. 
I now share with you two of several notes I wrote while reading the review. 

The Variety Review of "The Night of" is on the Left.
My Margin Comments are on the Right.